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              The Latest

              Boba Networks raises at $1.5B valuation for its take on an ‘optimistic’ Ethereum scaling solution

              Ethereum scaling solution Boba Networks shared Tuesday that it has raised $45 million from a bunch of investors including Crypto., Huobi and BitMart, among a couple dozen others. The Series A round

              Open-source data integration platform Airbyte launches its cloud service

              Airbyte, an open-source data integration platform for building ELT data pipelines, today announced the general availability of its cloud service. The pany is also detailing its new pensation pla

              Google Maps to add toll road prices, more map details, Apple Watch improvements and more

              Google Maps is getting an update that will add toll road prices and more map details like stop lights and stop signs, Google announced on Tuesday. The pany is also adding iOS improvements, includin

              Warp raises $23M to build a better terminal

              The terminal often feels like an afterthought, and there hasn’t been a lot of innovation in this space for a very long time. Warp, which is launching its public beta today and announcing $23 mil

              ReadySet raises $29M to expedite access to enterprise-scale app data

              ReadySet, a pany providing database infrastructure to help developers build real-time applications, today announced that it raised $24 million in a series A funding round led by Index Ventures with

              Apple pilot tests feature that allows developers to automatically charge users for subscription price increases

              Apple may be changing how iOS subscriptions operate when price increases are involved. Recently, some developers noticed that the streaming service Disney+ was seemingly only informing users of upi

              Registration opens with 2-4-1 passes to TC Sessions: Robotics 2022

              We’re beyond thrilled to tell you that the fifth TC Sessions: Robotics returns this year as a live and in-person event! It’s been far too long, and we can’t wait to see you — and plenty of rob

              Allseated raises $15M to expand beyond event visualizations into corporate Metaverses

              Two-dimensional virtual event platforms such as Hopin, Cvent and Zoom have bee staples of virtual events but these are about consuming content rather than “user activation” for brands. So in th

              I know how the world ends, and it’s with a Twitter edit button

              We survived four years of a Trump presidency, two years of a global pandemic, the ever-worsening impacts of climate change and the beginnings of a horrific war. But if you look outside, you’ll n

              Disney+ removes adult-focused films after mistakingly adding them to its US service

              Workrise cuts staff, verticals after being valued at $2.9B last year

              Austin unicorn Workrise has laid off an unspecified number of employees as it exits several verticals and seeks to divest parts of its business. The pany, which has built a workforce management pla

              Please don’t use this new Windows 11 feature

              Among other updates, Windows 11 is getting an AI-enabled eye contact feature today that will always make it look like you’re looking at the screen. Don’t use it. There is nothing like star

              Microsoft launches a new remote help service for IT teams

              Microsoft Endpoint Manager is the pany’s platform for helping IT teams manage and secure large fleets of devices, something that’s bee increasingly plicated since the start of the

              The global venture capital market slowed in Q1 — but not as much as you might have expected

              While the venture capital market is slowing from its apex moment set in 2021, it’s hardly in the dumps.

              Late-stage tech backer Liquidity raises $775M for its fintech platform from Apollo and MUFG

              The credit-oriented fintech platform Liquidity Group, which funds later-stage technology panies, has announced a new raise of $775 million from private equity house Apollo and MUFG Bank. In a state

              Gogoro’s public debut could supercharge EV battery swapping across the globe

              Gogoro, the pany behind Taiwan's thriving two-wheeler battery swapping ecosystem, is poised to succeed where others have tried and could not -- and now it has the cash to do so.

              Corsha lands $12M to bring MFA security to machine-to-machine API traffic

              Corsha, a Washington D.C-based cybersecurity startup, has secured a $12 million Series A investment to bring multi-factor authentication (MFA) to machine-to-machine API traffic. APIs, which allow two

              General Motors, Honda partner to make millions of affordable EVs

              Rick Schostek, EVP of American Honda said it best in a released statement: “Announcing a new battery electric vehicle isn’t exactly headline making news these days.” He’s right

              Cake adds newest ingredient to sexual wellness recipe: Entrance into Target

              Four of Cake's products are now available in 1,000 Target stores.

              Atomic Industries wants to change how your plastics are made

              Unless you work in manufacturing or product design, you probably haven’t spent a lot of time thinking about how plastic shapes are made. Look around you — see anything with a plastic casin
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